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Life Stylist

and Self Worth Adviser for Women


Wellness Services


Mentorship Sessions

During these sessions, I hold space for you to unravel and totally open your heart and your mind. Together we navigate your internal body, your emotions, your purpose, and most importantly your WORTH. I intuitively guide you through breaking free from old belief systems and reawaken you to your own authentic truth...


reiki sessions

A gentle, light touch healing modality that supports stress reduction and deep relaxation within the physical, mental, emotional body. It helps to bring balance to your subtle energetic and cellular bodies; stimulating relaxation and rejuvenation. Reiki helps clear stagnant energy created by stress and tension


private + group yoga

Individual yoga sessions are a beautiful way to navigate and travel deeper into your practice. Each session is sequenced with specific asanas, meditation, energy healing, adjustments, to guide your unique body.

Group classes are a wonderful way to build community and support... 

press & praise


and connect

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