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Please take a few moments to go through the questions below and answer them as best you can. This will help me to customize your session to best fit your needs. As with all of our work together, your information will remain confidential between you and myself.

Please note, when prompted, you can answer questions either in Swedish or English, but please note the private session will be conducted in English. 


Michelle // Tiny Yoga Space

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I am delighted to welcome you as a yoga student at Tiny Yoga Space. The information you have provided will help you get the most out of your yoga classes and clarify the instructor/student relationship. I believe that Yoga is more than physical exercise. It is a transformative practice that integrates body, mind and emotional tensions to arrive at deeper levels of relaxation and awareness. As with any physical activity there is a risk of injury associated with yoga. The decision to perform any exercise is down to the individual, and the instructor (Michelle) cannot accept responsibility for problems during or outside a class. The participant agrees to take on full responsibility for their actions within the class and shall work within their own limits. If students have any inquiries or health concerns it is their responsibility to notify Michelle so that she is aware of your limits. If you are in doubt as to your fitness, please consult your physician beforehand. Michelle shall not be held liable for any injury, loss or damage to property and/or persons sustained during or as a result of participation in this class. I agree to listen to my body and monitor myself during every class session. I agree to the Terms and Conditions as stipulated by Michelle.