Wellness Services



During these sessions, I hold space for you to unravel and totally open your heart and your mind. Together we navigate your internal body, your emotions, your purpose, and most importantly your WORTH. I intuitively guide you through breaking free from old belief systems and reawaken you to your own authentic truth...

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reiki healing

A gentle, light touch healing modality that supports stress reduction and deep relaxation within the physical, mental, emotional body. It helps to bring balance to your subtle energetic and cellular bodies; stimulating relaxation and rejuvenation. Reiki helps clear stagnant energy created by stress and tension...

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breathwork healing

Breathwork is an active meditation technique that clears a path for emotional release. On one hand it activates you, on the other it allows you to relax and release tension while liberating limiting beliefs. It can connect you to your innate wisdom while helping you to open your heart to honest self-love and self-healing...

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