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21st December . 108 SUN SALUTATIONS . FGL

  • FGL Store 16E Birger Svenssons väg Varberg, Hallands län, 432 40 Sweden (map)
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This event marks WINTER SOLSTICE...

the day of the year with the shortest duration of sunlight.


Winter Solstice is a sweet reminder that although we are welcoming the start of colder weather, longer days are coming, too. To celebrate the sun and the longer, more light-filled days to come, we will complete 108 Sun Salutations. This is a tradition that many people all over the globe gather together for to celebrate a new season and the Grandfather Sun (or to honor great change). 

With it's flowing fluiditiy, this class is considered by many to be a form of movement meditation. An invitation for one breath, one movement. Although the journey is an individual one, the sense of community and the supportive energy of simply witnessing our breaths and moving along side each other is felt by everyone


The Significance of “108”:

  • This number also connect the Sun, Moon and Earth: The average distance of the Sun and the Moon to the Earth is 108 times their respective diameters. 
  • 108 is the number of names for Shiva  (a Hindu god)
  • 108 is the number of names for Buddha
  • 108 is the Chinese number representing “man”
  • 108 is the number of beads on a Tibetan Mala and a Catholic Rosary (both prayer beads)
  • 108 is six times the number “18”, which is a Jewish good luck number.
  • 108 is twelve times the number 9, which is the number of vinyasas in a Sun Salutation.
  • According to Chinese and Indian Martial Arts: Marma Adi and Ayurveda, there are 108 pressure points in a human body.

(the list goes on...)


Class Format : There are Four Rounds

For this event, we will follow the Global Mala guidelines set forth my Shiva Rea. We will break up the 108 sun salutations into 4 groups of 27. 

DEDICATION ONE: Dedications for Personal Transformation and Realization

DEDICATION TWO: Dedications to Family, Friends and Precious Jewels (anyone you have unresolved conflict with). 

DEDICATION THREE: Dedication for the World

DEDICATION FOUR: Dedication to the Source 


Who Is This Class For?

We will be working with Surya Namaskar A, which can be easily modified for all levels and all modifications will be shown and encouraged prior to class. However, this class is geared towards students who are looking for a challenge both physically and mentally. All yoga levels are welcome. Please contact me if you have any questions.  


At The End You Will Feel...

  • Focused
  • Disciplined 
  • Resilient
  • Committed to your yoga practice
  • Strong!
  • Fluid
  • Clear headed
  • Connected


Closing Class

As you begin to settle into a lengthy savasana you will be bathed in the sound of chimes and singing bowls. Here you will be invited to gently surrender and find stillness. We will close our class with a mantra and a short reading - followed by tea and a little something sweet. 

If people listen to their bodies and feel this as a moving prayer, they will be empowered by the whole process.
— Shiva Rea

DATE: Thursday, 21st December

TIME: 18.15 - 20.00


COST: 150 sek

PLEASE BRING: your yoga mat and a blanket for savasana

REGISTER : registration will open up online here on December 6th.