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Join the BODY LOVIN' BABE revolution.

So, you've gotten the gist by now, you get this body lovin' babe revolution thing, right? But maybe you still need a little extra "oomph," a little more soul shakin' to get you and your babes on board.

Well, listen up...

We all know how motivating it is to sweat together. How inspiring it is when you can look at one another with sweat pouring down, when it feels almost impossible to keep going, and find in your friend's eyes the power to continue and push beyond your limits. The quick high you get when you take that 30 second water break and swap a sweaty high-five and a quick burst of motivational laughter. THAT is a body lovin' babe experience right there.

UP and at 'em babes! Grab your favorite buddies for REAL and LIVE support in magically sculpting your body into a vessel of hotness for summer. Babes, let's MAKE SWEAT SOCIAL and take full advantage of this season's BODY LOVIN' BABES! 

Read all about AQUA cycling, see here what they have to say about BODY LOVIN' BABES program and get ready to do some under water pedalin'!

First Location: Aqua Studio, 78 Franklin Street, (between Church & Broadway) NYC

When: Monday, April 7th @ 5:15pm (HOT TOPIC discussion & a special little surprise starts at 5:15; AQUA pedaling starts at 6pm)

Bring Along: your gorgeous self donning some fitted running gear (shorts w/sport bra/sports top) or rock out with a supportive bathing suit, and don't forget your h2o! Showers, lockers, and towels provided!




@ Eventbrite site: BODY LOVIN' BABES page.

WATER IS LIFE. The human body contains about 60% of water. Water is a natural and organic element. When you cycle in the water, you find yourself. You go back to the origin. Aqua cycling is a work-out for your body + your mind. Try it and you will feel blissfully energized… Not only do you shape your body in a much more efficient way than on land but you also protect your health, your bone structure, your joints, your muscles. Scientific studies shows that exercising in water provides numerous benefits to both health and body. Here are 10 reasons to cycle in the water.

AQUA's Top 10 reasons to try aqua cycling:
1. Burn up to 800 calories!
2. Effectively burns cellulite
3. Actively enhances blood flow
4. No soreness
5. No stress, better sleep
6. Improves cardio vascular endurance
7. Increases breathing capacity
8. Creates a positive impact on your life
9. Promotes flexibility and recovery
10. Numerous benefits on both health and beauty


I am BEYOND thrilled, and honored, to support you babes this season in some body + mind workouts! HOT DAMN!

Oh, yes, and some special offers, just because you're you!:


Refer A Friend: a little gift headed your way!

TOTAL BABE package: Commit to all three months up front and not only receive a lovely discount but ALSO get a one-on-one power session to jump start your Spring health + fitness goals!



@ Eventbrite site: BODY LOVIN' BABES page. 





much love,