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join the BODY LOVIN' BABES revolution!

Let the BODY LOVIN' BABES revolution begin!


This Spring (the one we thought was never going to come), I am inviting each of you to join me in some fun, new (for some), empowering workouts to keep ourselves motivated and feeling sexy throughout the Spring season and into the bikini-bound Summer! 


The reason why I created this group was that I was sick and tired of basing my social life around cocktails and the (mostly crap) food it led to. I knew I wasn't the only one who was totally over waking up groggy and lethargic the next morning. I needed out, and I wasn't leaving my kick-ass friends behind.


HELL NO was I going to improve my life and watch as my favorite babes continued on this self-sabotaging roller coaster. We needed to take SELF-LOVE for a spin and have an accountability babe by our side. Yah know, just in case we started to spin out of control. 


I launched BODY LOVIN' BABES (and this winters' BABES NOT BEARS) to revamp the way we saw "socializing." Why can't it be to get together with amazing babes (gents or gals) to support, inspire, and motivate one another to start TREATING OUR BODIES LIKE A TEMPLE? I also knew if I needed encouragement, then maybe others did too.


I mean, seriously...

We all know how motivating it is to sweat together. How inspiring it is when you can look at one another with sweat pouring down, when it feels almost impossible to keep going, and find in your friend's eyes the power to continue and push beyond your limits. The quick high you get when you take that 30 second water break and swap a sweaty high-five and a quick burst of motivational laughter. THAT is a body lovin' babe experience right there.


Get what I'm saying here babes? 

Grab your favorite homies, sign up, and get ready to, for quite possibly the first time, LOVE, love, love your bodies...and feel SEXY FOR SUMMER in the process!  



Move over bar seat...

the only thing my ass is hitting is the yoga mat. 



@ Eventbrite site: BODY LOVIN' BABES page.


I'm In! Give Me The Deets: 

  • 2 new hour long workouts per month for 3 months (April, May + June) – at NYC venue. 
  • 1 hot topic group discussion prior to workout
  • Unlimited email access to me for extra support + motivation
  • Private FB page where we can motivate one another on our 'off' days
  • Special Surprises! (ahem, free gifts!)



What's It Gonna Cost For This Body Lovin' Opportunity?

 your willpower to make it on time to each discussion/workout and...

  • $50/motivational hot topic discussion and a hot new workout
  • $95/double up bonus! gets you two of the above (one month's worth!!).
  • $275/for all THREE months. TOTAL BABE STATUS!* ALL SIX motivational hot topics and fitness classes at some of the hottest places in NYC


+REFERRAL BONUS: Refer a friend and prepare yourself for a sweet little treat headed your way! (make sure friends mention your name) 


*(Not only do you knock a hefty chunk off the total for TOTAL BABE, you will also get a one-on-one power session to jump start your Spring health + fitness goals!)


...psst. all this is valued at over $600. I'd say that's a pretty damn good deal.



What Kind Of Workouts Are We Talking?

 Ahhh...well, thankfully my girls from babes not bears gave some great feedback on their favorite winter workouts - and I have a couple newbies to sneak in as well. From yoga to indoor rowing to cycling IN the water (an all around babe favorite!) - I'm ready to keep you on your toes, and interested!



When Are My Babe Dates? 

Monday, April 7th -- AQUA Studio NY (aqua cycling!) - 78 Franklin Street, NYC (read the love they share for BODY LOVIN' BABES)

Monday, April 21st - LYONS DEN POWER YOGA - 279 Church Street, TriBeCa, NYC @ 5:15p

Monday, May 5th - TBD

Monday, May 19th - TBD

Monday, June 2nd - TBD

Monday, June 16th - TBD


Times and location with vary - you will know one week prior to meet up!



@ Eventbrite site: BODY LOVIN' BABES page.



 Still need a little push? See what the 'babes not bears' had to say..


Babes Not Bears has been such a fun experience for me! Michelle did a wonderful job finding the newest and most challenging exercise classes for us ladies to try. Who doesn't love breaking a sweat with great friends? It was refreshing to get out of a mundane exercise routine and see what else is out there. I can't wait to see what butt-kicking finds she has in store for spring! - EC


Babes Not Bears was a time to get away from the day to day stresses and do something for myself. The workouts were always something new and most the time something I had never done before. Who goes to spin class where the bikes are submerged in water?! Babes Not Bears did! - SM


My first goal when I started working with Michelle was to ditch my gym membership and invest in fun workout classes that I actually liked doing. Babes Not Bears introduced me to a ton of options from dancing to rowing and I love seeing what the next week will bring. I have been motivated to try new workouts that I would probably not do on my own, and have gotten to know some great women in the process. - LR



@ Eventbrite site: BODY LOVIN' BABES page.