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RETREAT: Turning Point Weekend, MTK, NY

We're calling it The Turning Point Weekend,

because that's exactly what it is.


And we'd love to invite you along. Sure, maybe you've enjoyed an Ocean Side (+ Lake Side) retreat before and you've escaped the city on multiple weekends to inhale the salty Montauk air. BUT, have you been accompanied by a trifecta whose, skills combined, bring to your fingertips a...

  • personal chef
  • yoga teacher
  • wellness + empowerment coach
  • business coach
  • connector
  • dream weaver
  • life extraordinaire
  • killer conversationist


Let this be the year you stopped talking about what you wanted to do, and...well, started doing it. 

(because we know you've been there before, and we'll be the firsts to say, we have, too). 

Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon, you will be in mastermind hands. Long story short, we have every base covered to insure you'll leave with a new-found sense of connection to self, what you need to focus on for the future, and how to make your dreams a tangible, possible, and necessary reality. 

And you'll be homeward bound on Sunday afternoon with the skills we've used time and time again to merge back into the "real world." 


And we humbly INVITE YOU to JOIN US. 

The Lovely Abode....

We've rented a private multi-house compound on a lake in Montauk (also just a short walk from the beach) to talk about how to ACTUALLY do the work that lights us up, find balance and peace in the day-to-day, and overcome the fear that holds us back. 


Multi-house compound in Montauk -  quaint, cozy, relaxing.

Lake IN the back yard - Sailboats + Kayaks...because floating is a small miracle

NATURE right out the front door - ahhhh, fresh air! you can break a sweat (or not) and clear your head with hiking, biking or running trails connected to the house. 

Fire pit! - where we're betting all the late-night, life-altering, conversations will happen. Plus, yah know...we just might have some ingredients on hand to make s'mores.




A Peek At the Weekend Offerings.

  • Big Group Masterminds + Personal Development Sessions - we're going to spend time thinking about what makes us tick, what we're here to do and how we can actually start doing it... Because it's amazing how much momentum we can find when we share not only our work, but our stories. 

  • Group Rendezvous -

    • Guided Yoga + Meditation by our spiritual Sherpa, Michelle 

    • Explore the nature that surrounds you with hiking, bike rides and boats

    • Slip away for some quiet time with inspirational books on life, business, fun... or simply to take a nap 


    • 90 minute personal strategy session with Tony to keep the momentum alive

    • 60 minute private session with Michelle to help you maintain the balance 

    • 2 hours of dream itinerary building with Mike (whom you'll hear much more about) to help you put another life changing event on your calendar

    • the community and connections formed from such a powerful weekend  


*Delivered after the retreat, these bonuses individually could each be worth the price of admission - together they'll be priceless. 

We Would Love For You To Keep This In Mind...

It is only when we free-fall that we can truly fly.
— rebekah lyons

If any of this speaks to you

...and of course if you have any questions, I would LOVE to hear from you. ( or send me a love note with your question HERE). 

If you're already saying "HELL YES, these people GET it!" then dive on in and sign up here: TURNING POINT WEEKEND

OR if you have an ideal mate who you would benefit from the weekend with us (described above) and others diving into discovering their life's possibilities, please align them in my direction, and I'll be sure to invite them to embark on their Turning Point.

Meet The Affectors*...

(*a group of individuals capable of moving hearts + minds.) 




more specifically...

he empowers people to boldly move in the direction of their dreams while buildling businesses to support them. He will be facilitating our weekend's mastermind conversations and most likely making numerous movie quotes and puns. 

 MICHELLE BAKER || @mbakerwellness


more specifically...

a professional chef, yoga + meditation teacher, and empowerment coach. Here to keep us grounded and nourished throughout the weekend with coaching, cooking, namaste-ing, fresh produce and fantastic wine. 

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