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Thank you for your interest in the mentorship program

Below you will see the application for the program.

Please take your time to honestly and whole-heartedly fill it out so I can learn a little more about you!

As soon as I review your form I will email you to set up an appointment for your 45-minute alignment call to further see if we are a proper fit together. 

Look forward to getting to know you a little more!

Love, Michelle

the feelings section
Please take a moment to settle into your body and describe how you currently FEEL and how you want to FEEL in each of these areas of your life. You may also simply use a scale of ‘0 – 10’ of where you are today vs. where you really want to be.
The Details Section
important info for when we get started.
The Fun Stuff
a couple more questions to get to know you!
Please Note : Cost of the program and the program breakdown are also available at the bottom of the main page. One Time Payment of $2700 3-Month Payment Plan of $950