On Acting Like It + Intention Setting

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On Acting Like It + Intention Setting


Let’s start with a quote that gently nudged me into action this week...

"You are the apex of the 13.8 billion year evolutionary process that has resulted in you and your life. Act like it." 

via Kalisa Augustine


“Act like it” are the three words that lengthened my spine, maybe the same happened for you. 

There are so many things we don’t take action on, mostly because of fear, and many times because of the fear of how we will be perceived by others. And to me, taking action is a large part of Acting Like It. 

Whether it’s in love, creative pursuits, travel, volunteering, embarking on a new career, sharing your story, going back to school, learning how to take care of your body, or even in forgiveness… 

To expose our authentic self is a daily, moment by moment practice and not for the weak at heart. 

It can be exhausting and scary and humiliating, but if we keep our eyes open there is also grace and compassion and understanding threaded throughout.

I know... it can feel so much easier to sit in fear and shyness and old belief systems masked by comfort, but it's not who we really are. It’s a misconceived sense of ease and comfort that has become habit. 

Even as I write this I can't help but wonder what you and the others receiving this newsletter will think as you read through - but I’m hitting send either way. Because if anything, I'm taking a step towards breaking a habit that no longer serves me, only my ego. 

I truly believe we are here to do great things in humble ways, each of us. Not necessarily to be seen by all, but to be felt by many. And not necessarily in ways in which we might have expected. 

Again, You are the apex of the 13.8 billion year evolutionary process that has resulted in you and your life. Act like it. 

And if "Acting Like It" means that you start to peel off some masks of who you once were, allow me to remind you here that you are allowed to change, that you are actually here to evolve. And let me also remind you that this rule applies to everyone. It applies to your partner, your ex-partners, your parents, your friends, your siblings, your children, and so on.

Lets set an intention for the month ahead. With today’s New Moon we are given some really potent time for this action, so I invite you to set an intention to go in and get to know yourself better. 

Write it out. Speak it out. Cry it out. Whatever you need, do that.

Be gentle here and seek without judgement, because that is a very tinted looking glass to seek through. 

If we don’t know who we ARE, we’ll never know how best to be of service. And right now, the World needs more people to be of service to each other. And to simply Act Like It 


with grace in action, 

Love, M