our light + an invitation for healing


Our Light + An Invitation For Healing

I deeply consider myself a student of life. Heart open and ears tuned-in ready to listen, hear and learn. 

I was called to be 'home' for the summer, a teaching which I trust hind sight will continue to bring to light.

Unlike the multiple, yet time-sesitive, seasons I've wandered here before, moments with my family now take precedence. And it's no surprise that they're allowing me to witness so much of myself that I've abandoned and so cleverly buried six-feet under. 

I stutter to say that I come from a split family, because in my eyes, the eyes of the family diplomat, we are not split, we are separately together. 

You see, I have been granted the privilege of speaking to everyone in my family, which sounds like an odd statement to many, but a handful of you will understand when I say not everyone is granted the liberty of speaking terms. 

Over the last fifteen or so years I have graciously (and many times not so graciously) tried on many hats as a diplomat, a connector, an uplifter, an empathic listener, a perspective shifter, an advocate for peace, a forgiver, a communicator, and what I use to consider a 'failed' reunitor. 

Time and time again I have been reminded that it is not solely through my words, but through my actions and my light itself that I am a teacher. That through living my life authentically and following my path graciously with courage and awareness, that others will see a flicker of that what is possible within themselves. That shining our own light and pursuing our fullest life is the best shot we have at helping those we love - or simply care for. 

This is what I am humbly inviting you to see as well. That living our lives with grace and humility and courage and awareness is one of the best things we can do for one another. Not necessarily as a podium speaking motivator, but as a space holding inspirer. A reminder to live our lives through our own experiences and not the experiences of others.

Here in another invitation... to brew a cup of tea, take a seat, tune-in, and invite yourself to travel deeper inward to ask: "what is true for me?"

And when the going gets rocky and wobbly and a little unsteady on my end I seek out a tiny red Saratoga duffle bag, the keeper of old family photos, and I love them there. Their little selves. Unconditionally. 

As Ram Dass so eloquently speaks it, "We're all just walking each other home."

with grace + gratitude, 
Love, M