A Reminder: How Human of Me. Of You.

To You Humble Humans, 

This morning I woke to a tiny breakdown, or what Brené Brown would refer to as a breakthrough.

I can't say it's honestly how any of us would like to start our day. I tend to be more of a quiet, possibly hit snooze, gently lengthen my limbs, slowly step into the day, kind of morning person. But as life would have it, it's not always so simple, and to be honest, there's a little sigh of relief hanging out in that knowing.

An enriching conversation with my partner (forever appreciate you) reminded me of a subtly expansive mantra from one of my dear teachers, Judith Hanson Lasater: "How Human of Me."

Ugh... Yes. Thank. You. Yes. 

As a human you are destined, you are designed, to grow and to evolve.

And one day you might wake up and decide that something (or the way you go-about something) no longer serves you and your path or your desire to raise the vibration of the planet. So be it.

The maturing process reminds you of how human you are.

The process of letting go reminds you of how human you are. 

It's a slightly honeyed, usually unexpected, welcome home to your values. 

With each sunrise you have an opportunity to rediscover what it is that you want.

...What ignites your spirit?

...What truly rattles the pulse of your heart?

Here is my invitation to you: Breathe it in. Write it out. 

And with that, I'll leave you with this delicate reminder from Danna Faulds' book, 
Go In and In: Poems From The Heart of Yoga.


Walk Slowly

It only takes a reminder to breathe,

a moment to be still, and just like that, 

something in me settles, softens, makes

space for imperfection. The harsh voice

of judgment drops to a whisper and I

remember again that life isn’t a relay 

race; that we will all cross the finish 

line; that waking up to life is what we

were born for. As many times as I

forget, catch myself charging forward

without even knowing where I’m going, 

that many times I can make the choice

to stop, to breathe, and be, and walk

slowly into the mystery.


with love, choice + grace, 

August Tunes: Feather Lighter.

Each month I create a homemade playlist to help guide you through the tides. Throughout my life the combination of writing and music have been my outlet. My go-to healers. Therapy for the soul. And I believe that both, whether happy or sad, have the power to influence our perception of the world around us.