Notes on Perfectionism

Notes on Perfectionism

A collection of thoughts from the week’s past…


Many of us (as I feel I am not alone here) pitch our tents in a fear based mindset of what the future holds and we begin to suffer because by doing so we are resisting the growth that needs to happen. 

Growth is suspended if we stay small. 

Growth is suspended if we are constantly afraid of fucking up. 

We are destined to make mistakes. 

After all, we are human

‘Perfect’ in our imperfection. 

We have this wild idea that perfection is the state of being free from all flaws, but perfection is not that. 

Perfection is not getting it right, but fully participating. 

And when we do choose, because it is a choice, to fully participate in our lives, there is a chance, or five or a hundred, that a mistake will present itself. That mistake is a symbol of our willingness to grow and evolve; it’s a peeling away of layers that no longer serve us and a revealing of our authenticity. 

For the majority of my life I have taken some bold and big leaps but I would hold back slightly, not allowing myself to reach my potential because the 'mistake risks' were higher up there. I didn't want to disappoint anyone. So I stayed small enough to make sure I would go unseen and my story wouldn't be exposed. 

So much so that I would catch myself shrinking down and playing tremendously small in my role as a mentor, a teacher, and a healer - and frankly, I'm over it. The mistakes are going to happen whether we hide behind our insecurities or we fully step into our authentic roles, whatever and whoever that may be.

The truth of the matter is, if we are not willing to release this idea of perfectionism and make mistakes, we are not willing to grow. And that, my friends, is a really hard pill for so many of us to swallow because we have been so highly influenced to believe that our mistakes are our failures. That simply is not so. Please know this. 

Our 'mistakes' are actually one of the most crucial parts of our ‘playing big'. 

And it’s time for us to start taking up space. 


I’ll leave you with this musing…


“Which is the most valuable revolution?

It is the internal revolution of the

human being from fearfulness to

peacefulness, from confusion to

wisdom, from emptiness to love.”

-yung pueblo


with grace and acceptance, 

Love, M

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