Chameli Ardagh on STRONG SHAKTI

In the Yogini tradition, we call strong emotions like anger “strong Shakti”. 

It is neither intrinsically negative nor positive. It is just energy that is strong. 

When we try to squeeze this wild dance of the Mother into orderly, tidy boxes, labeling everything as good or bad, wanted or unwanted, this or that,  we begin to experience ourselves as fragmented. There’s an ache inside: the ache of separation. The Buddhists call this the root disease; the cause of all suffering. The impulse behind so many of the actions we take is an attempt to not feel this deep, deep, deep ache in the soul. 

When we learn to feel our feelings as shakti, as energy moving through us, we realize that all feelings are at their core made of the same stuff. Our project is no longer to try to get rid of some feelings and chase others. We “do our yoga”: we learn to relax our automatic patterns of reactivity. We practice staying open, cultivating our capacity to stay awake in the midst of strong energy. We become leaders and co-creators of our experience.

via Chameli Ardagh  of Awakening Women

photo via tumblr.