Making A House A Home


making a house a home


"I am building
a house.
Where the floor is
made up of strength.
Where the walls are crafted of ambition.
where the roof is
a masterpiece of forgiveness.
I am building

-- noor unnahar

Growing up my dad was always working on something new around the house, so home, his very own creation, never really had a feeling of completion. And if it wasn’t our house it was someone else’s. I' beginning to see how that has filtered into my life as I build myself into more wholeness. Thankfully my life is not as much of a one woman show as it used to be. I have so many generous people that have helped me build and rebuild and build and rebuild...and build and rebuild who I am. And when I’m not working on creating a deeper sense of authenticity, I, like my father, am guiding another to work through the construction of building their home.

He’s still, at 63, a hard-working, dedicated, virgo man who has consciously or not passed on his workaholic tendencies to all four kids. Personally, I started working the moment I was old enough to get hired. During my design school years, although I was encouraged to focus on my studies, I was a barista and an intern for two different fashion companies. 

Keeping busy was, and still is, both my medicine and my poison. 

I've never been someone to work on one thing at a time, and although I felt this was my achilles heal for years, I'm discovering more and more that there is value in the variety of modalities and skills I am able to offer. 

I’ve been watching myself so generously these past 5 or 6 years and I’ve come to witness how my story around success has so strongly been, "you gotta work hard and long to afford your dreams." but the truth is...

You don't need to suffer to reach your dreams.
You don't need to suffer to make money.
You don't need to suffer.
Let it sink in. 

I’m still reprogramming that story, it's a deeply imprinted one. It is for so many of us. More importantly though, I'm working through the idea that I need to be consistently productive to be successful. Especially as a business owner, it’s so damn easy to always be in work mode when everything is at our finger tips. And when a story has become our ritual, it can feel scary to release it. But, I’m learning. 

I am learning for my partner.
I am learning for my friendships.
I am learning for my energetic boundaries.
I am learning for my health.
I am learning for my clients.

I am learning to keep the quality of my passion alive, because it’s when I start to wear myself too thin that the passion and excitement for what I love to do begins to fade into the fog.

And, darling, we simply cannot allow that to happen.

Our medicine, your unique medicine, is needed. 

Through the eyes of the carpenter's daughter, through the eyes of a women who has grown roots in so many lands that she desires to call home, the house I am intricately building is myself. 

Here’s to the houses we build into our most sacred homes. 

I am with you.

Love, M