A Collection of Notes, Vo. One


Shuffling through phone notes, google docs and loose leaf paper finding tiny messages from conversations with self and others.

What if none of my tools are working? If I can’t trust trust my intuition, my tools, or even myself, then what can I trust? 

I don’t know if our heart is always supposed to stay open, but what I do know is that we’d have very little knowing without the experience of it, and the experiences that led to it, being closed.

Stay close to yourself. 

Try instead not to go searching for the sensation, but to allow what needs to rise up find its way to the surface. 

“I find at times that even when I’m writing in my journal, I’m trying to please someone.” 

She defined an altar as a “physicalized prayer”. 

Redefine strength as you believe it to be today. Right here. In this moment.

We give money more value than we give our breath, our life force. Are they not both in need of a steady ebb and flow, a pulsation? Isn’t hoarding our money quite a similar feeling to suffocating our breath?

Trust that you have things to say that others need to hear. 

Why is it that I find so many people in the world of helping and healing others excuse what they do for a living as “weird” or “no big deal” or “not a real job”?

What does it feel like to be less ambitious to the outside world and more ambitious to self?

Were you ever unsure? How did you know? Where did it land you?

Slowly and steadily I’m relearning the language of my body - learning what my body needs right now. Not what I think she needs, but what she’s asking me for more and less of.

Do you have an intention?

Time and again I come across seasons (internal and ex) where I lose sight of this wild, joyful woman within me. But when she reemerges she feels so unapologetically authentic, alive and replenished. She wasn’t lost, she was taking care of herself.

Where in life are you still hiding?

“As a Gemini, breathwork is the foundation of anything that you do.”

What does it feel like to stand in the power of you?

Can you trust that there is a broader, unseen support system out there cheering you on?

An open heart is abundance.

“You will teach others how to reconnect with their soul. You will teach them how to develop self-esteem, awareness and a more honest relationship with themselves. You will teach them how to do this by redirecting their attention back home, to themselves.”

Find a thread of commonality.

“What does it mean to be happy with yourself? I can’t tell you - you have to feel it.”

As I go deeper into this work, I need a deeper connection. I need solid ground.

Less Dramatic, More Sacred.

From one human being to another,

xx Michelle

ps. if this is for you, and you need someone to hear you, my inbox is always open. hello@michellebaker.co

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