Boundaries, Do You Cross Them?


This topic is one that I’m constantly refining. I grew up, like many of us, with very little education within the realm of building healthy boundaries. Honestly, I’m not quite sure the idea of boundaries ever really surfaced for me until my early twenties. At thirty-two I’m still learning, but waking up to this awareness has changed my life, as I know it has for many.

So often we’re guided to learn to build better, sturdier, healthier boundaries. Of course I agree that this is a very important skill that is beneficial especially when finely tuned regularly. It’s a skill that has made me a completely different, more honest version of myself. But a part of me feels like we’re so focused on our own boundaries that we’re paying less attention to over-stepping those of others.

So, what if we also paid closer attention to where we’re allowing ourselves to cross the boundaries of others? Wouldn’t that also help us get another understanding of what boundaries crossed looks and feels like? Or what they could even be for another?

Honestly, do you pay attention to see if you’re ever over stepping another’s boundaries? Most of us did it as kids all the time, simply to see how far we could go to get what we wanted. Some do it within their partnerships. Some with their parents still, as adults.

I’m always up for a wholesome discussion, and I also might be late to the party, but I really do believe that if we close down less and open up more for others to *consciously communicate* to us when we’ve crossed their boundaries, that we are gifted a different, maybe deeper kind of compassion and understanding of how to honor our own frontier? That we’re then expanded into a specific kind of vulnerable permission and maybe even a broader vocabulary to also communicate our boundaries to another? Maybe even create a boundary we weren’t even aware we needed in the first place?

Always love leaving you with something light to think about on your Saturday evening.

From one human being to another,

xx Michelle

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