hello, again + potent medicine


Hi Dear,  

For those of you that have been with me since the beginning of this journey, hello again. It’s been quite some time since I’ve reached out, shared, connected and embraced your presence by way of a newsletter. I believe my writing style and what I desired to share with you was evolving and it terrified the shit out of me. I was forgetting that although I was successfully guiding so many women and men through transitions in their lives, that it was safe for me to transition, too. The vulnerability that came with hitting send got the best of me. 

I also witnessed sharing my "up until now" stories raised so much crippling fear that I put the pen down all together. Although I can’t say I’ve fully conquered that, I’m showing up. I'll be sharing stories, musings, teachings, and revelations monthly. For me and for you.

Thank you for being so undoubtedly patient. 


There is this internal desire for a bit of exposure that comes with spring. The word that keeps showing up for me is one my teacher introduced: unfurling. To me, it resembles a sense of courage, consciously or not, to unveil ourselves to the environment around us after some time spent hibernating, whether it be for a long winter, a weekend of solitude, or a full night's sleep. To unfurl sounds so freeing, doesn’t it?

I’ve been out of my comfort zone more often than not lately. I dug up pieces of my roots in New York and drifted with them out into the world; not in search of one thing in particular, more for the desire to see the world, engage in cultures and, well, continue on my journey forward. I witnessed more than anticipated, both about the world and myself.

I began to truly realize the meaning behind a saying we hear quite often: “Wherever you go, there you are.” 

Even on a spiritual island, on the other side of the world, you are still you. And yes, we’ve all heard this time and time again, but I truly believe that until you let yourself stand in this statement, you might not be able to completely understand it’s entire worth. So I invite you to not only hear it, but to relate it to a time in your life where you thought that maybe running away would make the undesired disappear.

And I’m more specifically talking about the fact that we cannot run from who we are or what we’re feeling: the worries, the vulnerabilities, the struggles, the comparisons, the stories, (you know the list)… 

Running and numbing does not heal discomfort. Witnessing. Sharing. Unattaching. Connecting. Breathing. Forgiveness. That is what helps us heal us.

March not only brings with it the hope for longer days and warmer weather, but a vortex of possibility. A cosmic madness of sorts. A solar eclipse. The spring equinox. A lunar eclipse. And with it all, the cosmos shine a bright light on the opportunity for profound healing to occur.  

So this week I invite you to hold space for seeing and experiencing all of you, the light and the shadow. To echo back to others what you hear them saying. To encourage others to see in them what you see - sometimes our vision is clearer through the eyes of others. And to find balance in the ebb and flow of energy; meaning please, rest when rest is needed.  

with love from the warm winds of Spain, 

Xx, M


March Tunes : Unfurling

I've also created a playlist to help guide you through the tides. Throughout my life the combination of writing and music have been my outlet. My go-to healers. Therapy for the soul. And I believe that both, whether happy or sad, have the power to influence our perception of the world around us.