Are You A Woman Who Is Ready To Break Free

From A Life That Isn't Working And Gain Clarity

Around Your Purpose?


Have you ever felt this deep knowing that your internal life doesn't quite match the life you are portraying on the outside? 

You know deep down that you are meant to feel


to yourself and the world, but you're still unsure of how to get there.


You’ve been looking ahead to where you see your future in life and you know you don’t want it to be the same as it is right now.

Your dreams have been on the back burner and you’re not quite sure when you’ve tasted true happiness.


Do you struggle from depression or anxiety but know you want something more than traditional therapy?


Do you feel stuck in a job that doesn’t feed you, but choose to stay because you give yourself wholeheartedly despite if it’s good for you?


Or maybe you feel like you’re never going to make enough money doing what you truly want to do?


Are you ready to finally choose yourself and do the work that inspires you?


Are you ready to peel off the masks and meet your authentic self?


You've Come To The Right Place

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Maybe I'm the first to tell you, but there's no one size fits all in terms of healing. 

It’s unique to your individual cosmic imprint so I don’t necessarily do things one way.


It's draining to live your life for someone else.

If you want to live a life that is abundant and purposeful you have to start living a life for you,

not for the values and expectations of others. 


That means you need to get crystal clear on what kind of life it is you want to live,

what you feel like is holding you back.

and then actually do the healing and take the action to create that life for yourself. 


And that's not always an easy process. It's a process that needs honest support. 


that's where I come in, 

to support you THROUGH YOUR journey.


A journey Of Living a life in alignment with your values & YOUR WORTH. 


I hold space for you to unravel and totally open your heart and your mind.


I help you witness blocks that keep you feeling like you're not worthy enough of the life you want to live. 


The blocks that say...

I’m not smart or pretty or brave or rich enough. I’m not ready. Someone else is already doing it.

Why would people listen to me? What if I fail? Who am I to do this work? What will so and so think of me? Will they abandon me?


Because Love, you are allowed to want what you want and you are worthy of it simply because you exist. 

Let me say that again,

you are worthy simply because you exist. 


I'll provide you tools for gaining clarity around your unique power and stepping into who you really are under all the stories you tell yourself.


I'll help you navigate your internal body,

your emotions, your purpose, your feelings, and most importantly your WORTH. 


i don't do traditional coaching....


We're not simply going to "cheer up", turn your story into a happy one, and put a positive bandaid on your experiences.

I'm someone who has done the work and connects with The Universe and Spirit,

but I also know that transforming your life is a process and it requires a lot more than just kneeling at the altar. 


I share with you everything I've cultivated, all the tools, from the six years I've spent building my practice with my background in Coaching, Energy Medicine, The Wisdom Body, Intuitive Development, and the 1000+ hours of studying with some of the wisest teachers I know.

Tools that I've gathered from working with hundreds of clients and students. 

Tools that I've gathered through the harder lessons life hands us and simply... being human. 

And together, we find what works for you. 


We're going all the way down, in and through to find your gold. 



Interested? Keep Reading...

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+ Someone who inquires and helps you discern if the direction you're taking in your life is the right one.

+ Someone who can see you for who you truly are. 

+ Someone who you could help you get from trapped to free; from unclear to vibrant.

+ Someone who will gracefully call you on our your bullshit and hold you accountable.

+ Someone who has been where you are and has made it through - gathering all the tools along the way.

+ Someone who holds space for you to unravel and totally open your heart and your mind.

+ Someone who encourages your own intuitive development.

+ Someone who believes that at the end of the day, we're all trying to get back to our authentic, whole selves, yourself included.

+ Someone who teaches you the ultimate form of self love - self acceptance.



I've Got You. I see you.

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Because THAT'S WHAT I DO....

I intuitively guide you through breaking free from old belief systems and reawaken you to your own authentic truth.

I hold an enormous amount of space in a really honest way, and I am devoted to your growth.

I guide you in discovering your fullness and your potential. 


I can do this because i can see you - for who you really are.

behind the filters and the stories.


Together we peel away the masks so you can meet your authentic, whole self.

The self that wants to come alive again! 

The self that wants to feel worthy again... or maybe even for the first time. 


Through a combination of the tools and healing modalities that CONTINUE to work for me and my clients, I help you gain clarity and support around what actually lights you up, so you can create a life full of purpose , beauty, vitality, and truth!


I give practical, honest, no BS, spiritual advice.

I honor what is real and the truth that not everything is all light.

There is so much gold in the shadow.


Unlike some other coaches, I work from a highly intuitive space receiving downloads to help guide you. 

and My process involves much more deep diving than the think positive rhetoric. 

I  believe that this work is not necessarily about changing your thoughts, it’s about understanding your beliefs and reprogramming. It’s about seeing where you need to update your belief system to truly feel worthy of the life you desire.


And unlike traditional therapy, I help guide you toward another level of strength regarding where you want to go in life. I’m with you every step of the way for three solid months. You have me and my intuitive space at your finger tips.


And through it all I will teach you how to take good care of your nervous system and make room for the upgrades you're manifesting.

Because when you begin to upgrade your SELF WORTH, your nervous system needs to be able to hold your upgrades, too.

This way, all the beauty that is making it's way into your life - your manifestations, your dreams - don't feel over whelming and impossible to keep a steady hold of.


my job is to remind you that YOU'RE ALLOWED TO WANT WHAT YOU WANT. 

Freedom, happiness, beauty, money, a respectful partner, a job you enjoy, authenticity, bravery, love reciprocated, travel, peace... 

Materially, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually...you're allowed to want what you want.


My job is to help you remember what it is you came here to do and to help you start doing it.

In a way that feels aligned, good, and true... for you.


My job is  to help you get unstuck, gain clarity, and remind you of your truth. Your unique mission. 

To guide you in creating a life that allows you to fully be you. In your power.

Radiating all that you came here to radiate.

Your entire WORTH.


enrollment IS CLOSED

"Michelle is someone that influences each and every decision I make. Working with Michelle opened up my eyes to what is possible for my life and what I am worthy of. I’ve let go of a long term relationship that was no longer serving me, left two jobs that were not feeding my passion and taken time off to travel the world. All this did not seem possible while sitting in my cubicle when we started working together. But with her guidance and making myself accountable for my future I was able to break free from my old life. I’m now running a successful business following my passion and purpose. So many people told me it wouldn’t be possible and how could I leave this sales job with endless opportunities to make big bucks.. Well it is possible I just needed someone to show me the way. I’m forever thankful for my time with Michelle and I know my investment was well worth a life time of happiness and purpose." 

Sarah Parisi, Chicago's Top Professional Organizer, TheClutterCurator.com





The Journey


a 3-Month mentorship program

navigating your purpose and rediscovering your worth

with myself and the universe as your guides.



An opportunity where we get to spend a few solid months working together - you, me and the divine - to get clear, and cultivate your self worth.


Your worth is where every desire, every manifestation, every belief stems from.


You’re about to give yourself permission, maybe for the first time, to live your life authentically.


To live your life for YOU and not for the values and expectations of others. It’s going to be a beautiful, transformative journey. Are you coming?



a 12-week 1:1 mentorship for the woman who

feels like she is waking up in a life that

doesn't feel like hers.


Taking the steps to rebuild and live the life you want to live is a Journey.

A Journey that needs support.  


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after our 12 weeks together you will feel renewed. 

You will feel...

Vibrant. Centered. Authentic. Clear. Empowered. passionate. At Ease.

In tune with your inner compass.

You will feel like you're seeing yourself clearly for the first time possibly in years.

You will feel like you've walked home, to yourself. 

you will feel worthy, truly worthy, for all you desire to be, do, and create.

You Will Feel Like You - living your life with purpose.




"Michelle has taught me the power and magic of vulnerability: letting yourself be open to the void and trusting the net will always be there to catch you. She lives her life by her own rules and has challenged me to do the same while encouraging and supporting me along the way. She has opened my eyes to the true magic that this universe possesses and for that I am forever grateful. My relationships with myself, my family and my friends are deeper than ever before and I am excited about the journey before me more than ever. I wake up every morning with a sense of joy and accomplishment, excited to see what miracles will unfold that day.  Although the work is hard, I have never experienced something so rewarding in my life."

- Joanna F. 

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HOW IT WORKS & the details


month one || Cultivating clarity


Our first month together is where all the unfolding begins. 

Our first session is 90-minutes because this is where we really get to know each other - where we begin to lay it all on the table.

We will begin to navigate what it is you TRULY want and desire to call in and manifest. At the same time, we'll discover what is standing in your way.

Whether you're calling in a ideal partner, switching careers, cultivating honest self-love, building a soul aligned practice, wanted to make more money, holding moon ceremonies, traveling the world , or diving deeper into your spiritual practice. Whatever it is. The world is your oyster in our work together.

Many times I realize that feeling stuck or blocked is a symptom of being unsure and unclear with what it is we actually want in life.

These first couple of weeks can feel exhilarating and slightly overwhelming, but I promise I've got you. And above all,  you've got you.

Together we'll begin to map out an aligned outline that fits your unique imprint for our months together.


Each session you will walk away with more clarity, new tools, and exercises to do, and unlimited email support between sessions.

During sessions one and two you will receive your forty--minute Distance Reiki Session. 



Session One mentorship : 90 Minutes

Session Two mentorship : 75 Minutes


distance reiki & Guidance : 40-minutes

Session Location : remotely via Zoom/skype




Our second month together is all about consistency with your commitment and unpacking your belief systems.

What's really between you and what you desire?

We will continue navigating for the gold in your beliefs and belief systems, especially around your self worth, that are holding you back and together work towards understanding and unblocking them.

We will check in with your momentum and adjust as you need to for your own personal current of forward movement.

We - You, Me and Sprit - will discover and intuitively work through the old wounds and stories that live in you like a truth.

And I'll continue to walk you through writing prompts and deep inquiry.


Each session you will walk away with more clarity, new tools, and exercises to do, and unlimited email support between sessions.

During sessions one and two you will receive your forty---minute Distance Reiki Session. 


Session One mentorship : 75 Minutes

Session Two mentorship : 75 Minutes


distance reiki & Guidance : 40-minutes

Session Location : remotely via Zoom/skype


month three ||  CONSISTENCY with your commitment


Our last month together is all about staying consistent in your commitment to your self care and your JOURNEY and for putting the finishing touches on our work together. We're creating a foundation that will last even after your mentorship ends and getting you to know your own inner guidance and wisdom so you can thrive in the following months to come.

We'll make sure you feel grounded in your worth and with your own internal guidance system - your intuition -  so you feel empowered to continue to grow and make decisions that feel aligned.

And if it feels congruent with the works we've done up until now, we'll create a plan for you to implement. Something that feels sustainable, aligned, and amazing for you to uphold when our work together comes to an end. 


Each session you will walk away with more clarity, new tools, and exercises to do, and unlimited email support between sessions.

During sessions one and two you will receive your forty--minute Distance Reiki Session. 



Session One mentorship : 75 Minutes

Session Two mentorship : 75 Minutes


distance reiki & Guidance : 40-minutes

Session Location : remotely via Zoom/skype



60-minute breathwork session - to be completed at any time during our 12 weeks together

75 minute closing session - Scheduled two weeks after final session



Michelle has the gift of listening, relating, humoring, serving and making everything feel magical all at once!  I have never met a woman who lived so fearlessly and whole-heartedly in the devotion of her dreams.  She is a reminder of what the love-abundance-gratitude mindset can do when put into action.  She walks her talk and this is what makes her a master of her trade, Empowerment Coaching.  She will guide you to find the now sparkle in your life with ease, wit, compassion and deep, holy love.  Yes, she knows the world of food, fashion, movement and charm, but in addition to these everyday practicalities, Michelle knows how to guide women to leading exceptional lives full of satisfaction, sensuality, joy, connection and commitment to unwavering self-love.  If you are looking to be led down your own path of transformation, wellness goddess Michelle is your guide.  I have love for this lady to the moon and back!  She is a blessing to our Earth.

- Jessica McClesky Hood, of Moon Goddess Miracles + Love Your Body Like A Goddess

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You'll receive a total of...

+ 7 Mentorship Sessions with actionable work and exercises after each session

+ Three 40-minute Distance Reiki sessions with intuitive guidance - one for each month!

+ One Virtual Breathwork Session

+ Unlimited email support for whatever comes up between sessions

+ A beautifully curated welcome package


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ONE TIME PAYMENT OF :  2019 Prices tbd





If you feel called and ready to work together, please fill out the application below.


I will asses if I feel like working together will be an amazing fit.

If I think we'd be great together I'll set up a free 30-minute alignment call to get to know each other and to go over payment options.




+ If you want to stop hiding - in all areas of your life.


+ If you're ready to take action to work on yourself.


+ If you're ready to fully invest in yourself, your dreams, and your WORTH!


+ If you know you need to change but you only have the slightest clue of where to start.


+ If you know you need a change but you don't want to go at it alone.


+ If you're looking for someone who will help you dig deep and uncover what's holding you back.


+ If you're ready to harness your worth and tap into your medicine.


+ If you want powerful support from someone who gets it, from someone who is living it!