Blushing Beet Smoothie.

It's admirable when a friend inspires you to test out a new smoothie recipe that they swear by. Yeah, sure I've juiced beets numerous times, but blend them raw? Never. I won't lie, I was a bit suspicious about the ingredients brought to the table (I'm sure the expression on my face wasn't so enthusiastic as he rattled off the ingredients) but I trusted he wouldn't let me down when it came to smoothie talk. After a couple of trial and error batches these flavors were finely high fiving as they whirled at high speed in the blender.  At last, I've added a new smoothie to my weekly routine, and hopefully to yours as well. 

Beets. A detox powerhouse! They are an amazing source of insoluble fiber (which passes through the digestive track basically intact), and which we all know is excellent when we are trying to cleanse our body. Insoluble fiber plows through our digestive track clearing away unwanted toxins from our colon. Another fun fact? Beets contain betalins, or special pigments, that have been shown to support activity in the body's phase 2 detoxification process. This phase is where our cells combine unwanted toxins with nutrient groups which in turn neutralizes the toxins and makes them water-soluable so that we can literally flush them away! Let's also give them a standing ovation for the fact that they are excellent cancer fighters. That's right! Beets are strongly effective in breaking up tumors mainly by their excellent amount of betacyanin.  

Ginger. This knobbly-looking wonder root has quite the repertoire for firing up the digestive juices. Also, with the weather sneaking back into spring mode this week (hopefully for good this time) ginger will come in handy when battling the nasty germs, bacteria and viruses that tend to tag along with the season change. Adding to that, it is an anti-inflammatory (decreases swelling), helps in lowering blood pressure and aids in circulation. This spice really is a go-getter. 

Pear. First fun fact? There are over 3000 varieties of these immune system boosters grown around the world! While ginger is around to add a spicy kick to the blushing beet smoothie, pears come to the rescue to add a healthy boost in energy levels and are known to be a great pick-me-up. In most cases, smoothie rockstars opt for apples over pears. Not this gal. Pears play a key roll in my smoothie recipes. This is mostly due to the fact that they are much lower in acid than apples, but more importantly because they are considered by some to be a hypoallergenic food, which is why they are recommended to people who suffer from food allergies (unlike apples). Fancy that. 

Berries. Isn't it lovely when something that tastes so sweet and delicious is also good for you? Powerful, disease-fighting antioxidants are what give these gorgeous fruits their deep red, blue, black and purple hues; helping to protect us berry lovers from conditions such as heart disease and cancer. These sweet, sometimes sour berries have some of the highest antioxidant levels of any fresh fruits! Raspberries alone blast away kiwis (three times more antioxidants) and even tomatoes (ten times more antioxidants).



1 beet, peeled, chopped

1/2 pear, chopped

2" piece of ginger, peeled, chopped

1 cup filtered h2o

Juice of one lemon

Juice of one orange 

1 cup frozen mixed berries


blend the first six ingredients together until smooth. 

add in the berries and return to blending (adding more water if necessary).

via your life-long smoothie gal,