Cacao Almond Buzz


My recent trip to Magnific Rock in Nicaragua got these gears of mine turning turbo-style when it came to smoothie creating back home in Brooklyn. My daily Mason Jar Greens jump-starts my morning, but there are days where I also need a post workout or afternoon pick-me-up. Alright, yeah, I'm rolling my eyes at myself too. Let's be honest here. There are even some mornings that I just don't want to drink (...and chew) greens. Mornings I want a heavenly, chocolatey kinda buzz. Like an old school chocolate milk, but grown up wellness style. There is a human behind all these wellness words you read yah know.


Cacao. I'd say I have a healthy addiction to the stuff,  that is, until a bowlful of cacao beans landed on my table at breakie one morning a couple weeks ago. Seriously, it was obviously tortuous. Popped those babies like one would buttery, cinema popcorn.

Nicaragua is home to an abundance of superfoods, including this gem. Thankfully for those of us in the States, it's right at our google happy fingertips (even better, check your local health food store!).

Yeah, I am aware it might not be as vibrant and beautiful as your daily green goddess go-to...after all, it's brown. Seriously though, what better way to incorporate this antioxidant, mood enhancing, skin glowing powerhouse into your daily routine than blending it up with fresh fruit, homemade almond milk, creamy almond butter and a touch of honey? It's good for you. Seriously. It'll feel like you're rebelling and sneaking out to Wendy's and splurging on a frosty...sans the added processed crap (for lack of a more fitting word). You have to get your halo dirty sometimes, am I right? No one has to know it's wellness dirt.

Tell you more? By all means here's the recipe...


1-1/2 - 2 cups homemade almond milk (or any unsweetened version)

1 frozen banana

2 tbsp raw almond butter (You like roasted better? By all means, go for it!)

1 tbsp raw cacao (…or more!)

1 tbsp local raw honey

1 tsp local bee pollen



Blend everything (minus the bee pollen) in a high-speed blender until well combined. Pour into your favorite glass, garnish with bee pollen (this and local honey are natural remedies for spring’s seasonal allergies), top with a colorful umbrella, frolic to a nearby hammock, and sip away!


love +  superfood frosties,