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Michelle is just what I needed! When I spoke with Michelle I felt like she valued my care. She even checked up on me between sessions which helped keep me motivated and accountable to make the changes necessary to meet my goals.  I have never felt so comfortable with a person that I had never met in person and felt like she really tried to relate and understand me. I am very grateful I had her encouragement and guidance to learn more about myself and what I want in life. Thank you for listening and being non judgmental as well as your kindness, your guidance, your empowerment, your positivity, and the comfort you provide."


"Where do I begin? In my mind I've always had a couple ideas of what making it as an "adult" might look like. To be successful enough to have my own personal trainer, life coach and therapist all at the same time. This year, Michelle made that possible.

We began working together in the new year and my goals were based around building my yoga brand, creating healthy boundaries and building a positive relationship with my money. In January I couldn't even look at my bank account without stressing out, I simply did not want to know what it looked like in there. Today, I calculate my weekly earnings and determine what my salary was for that week. I know what I'm spending and I have monetary goals to reach each month. 

I look forward to all of my meetings with Michelle. Her voice alone is something that fills my heart and comforts any inner dissonance I might be feeling. Together we work through difficult topics in a very strategic manner. Action over inaction. Through this, my anxiety has significantly decreased, I am more confident in my decisions and I know how to check in with myself when I am not.

Speaking with another yoga teacher has also been incredibly powerful. I love all of the spiritual messaging and the little details go a long way. Before each session she sends a beautifully designed personalized intention for me, and after each session she pulls cards to support my growth and inspire me until next time. 

Michelle is one of a kind and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to build a relationship with her and to have someone to hold me accountable to the goals we designed together. It's truly magical to watch your dreams come true with a spiritual witness by your side."


Annaliese Godderz, Brooklyn Based Yoga Teacher,

"it's an interesting thing that happens when the student becomes the teacher. michelle did that with me. i came in to help her think through her business strategy and walked away with an entirely new life strategy. i saw first hand, and through interviews with her past clients, michelle's incredible power and presence. she becomes your rock, your source of steadfast accountability. she sees you for who you are and helps you see that person too… i've worked with a lot of coaches in the past, but never seen clients (or myself) change the way they do (i did) with michelle.

to add to that, she always helps me prioritize myself, see the wins, and stay accountable.  more than anything, she has an incredible way to be calming and soothing while also pushing me to do more, be more, and stay true to my goals. she provides a sense of accountability i've never seen from anyone else.  no matter what's going on she has a way to help me block out the noise and emotion, and stay true to myself. there's no one else I know that can play that role. and i can't explain how valuable it is to have her in my corner."


Tony Ubertaccio, Entrepreneur Mentor + Passionate Mastermind behind, 

"Michelle has the gift of listening, relating, humoring, serving and making everything feel magical all at once!  I have never met a woman who lived so fearlessly and whole-heartedly in the devotion of her dreams.  She is a reminder of what the love-abundance-gratitude mindset can do when put into action.  She walks her talk and this is what makes her a master of her trade, Empowerment Coaching.  She will guide you to find the now sparkle in your life with ease, wit, compassion and deep, holy love.  Yes, she knows the world of food, fashion, movement and charm, but in addition to these everyday practicalities, Michelle knows how to guide women to leading exceptional lives full of satisfaction, sensuality, joy, connection and commitment to unwavering self-love.  If you are looking to be led down your own path of transformation, wellness goddess Michelle is your guide.  I have love for this lady to the moon and back!  She is a blessing to our Earth."

Jessica McCleskey Hood of Love Your Body Like A Goddess,

“I notice your big lessons and simple tools popping up for me each day. Your teachings that came to me in such a time of need are so useful, even now. As they always will be. Thank you for them all. 

You pushed me to advocate for myself so fearlessly. It's amazing the power you have given me through that alone. You taught me to define what's really important to me, and to never to sacrifice any of that - even when and especially when I worried those things may have seemed outlandish to others. You showed me what it means when I am true to myself - my unconventional self. You showed me that I can manifest the life I want for myself despite societal expectations, doubts and old patterns. You brought me to the next phase of my life - a place where I can break down old habits, build up boundaries, and carve out the life I know I deserve. 

Thank you for showing me that it was OK to leave a job I loved but needed to leave, without pushing me to do so. Thank you for making me confront my guilt. Thank you assuring me I had already made up my mind. Thank you for making me write down my non-negotiable-s list. Thank you for where I've landed now - with two exciting freelance jobs  - that fit within that list! 

You showed me that the place I was in, the place I am in now, and the places I will be in, are all simply OK. It's crazy how hard it is to just simply feel OK sometimes. To feel OK just being me... and being all sides of me.

I'll never stop using the box of loving tools you gave me.” — Danielle C, New York

Danielle c., New York

I chose to start working with Michelle at a very intense time of my life. And while everything was telling me not to put another thing on my agenda, I am extremely grateful that I did.

Our sessions of clarity coaching combined with breathwork and reiki became my breathing holes where she held space for me to be radically vulnerable and brutally honest without ever feeling questioned or judged. It is really hard to find the words to describe what our time together has meant for me. Through rough times it is extremely nourishing to have that objective ally who instead of giving advice, asks you about your needs. My biggest goal for our time together was to go deeper on my spiritual journey, and man did she offer me a hell of a ride.

Taking on The Journey has taught me so much about myself and what I want to keep working on, Michelle has taught me significant tools for my self care practice and I feel so much more at ease with who I am and what I am going through in this human experience. She has kept reminding me that I am loved and accepted for all that I am and that I am worthy simply by being.

As we were getting closer to our ending session I noticed how my emails to her became fewer, as I many times saw myself writing a long email to then delete it. This was very insightful for me and a receipt that I’ve leaned to trust in my own ability of being my own healer.

Caroline Oskarsson, Life & Mindfulness coach, WHOLISTICALLY

""Beautiful Michelle! I said couple of times that words are not enough to express my gratitude, my happiness for your time, for you hearing and listening to me so sincerely and patiently and for sharing your ideas and suggestions so generously and with love ... Life is so interestingly surprising, sometimes the help you are looking for comes from a new beautiful soul that you just are the proof of magical hands and magic for me... I really appreciate your time... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!"


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 "Michelle is someone that influences each and every decision I make. Working with Michelle opened up my eyes to what is possible for my life and what I am worthy of. I’ve let go of a long term relationship that was no longer serving me, left two jobs that were not feeding my passion and taken time off to travel the world. All this did not seem possible while sitting in my cubicle when we started working together. But with her guidance and making myself accountable for my future I was able to break free from my old life. I’m now running a successful business following my passion and purpose. So many people told me it wouldn’t be possible and how could I leave this sales job with endless opportunity to make big bucks.. Well it is possible I just needed someone to show me the way. I’m forever thankful for my time with Michelle and know the investment was well worth a life time of happiness and purpose."

Sarah Parisi, Chicago's top professional organizer,