A love Note


Where do we even begin?


Thank you…

for your vulnerability, your depth, your insight, your curiosity, your willingness, your tears, your breath, your presence, your studentship.


Thank you…

for trusting us to lead and to guide you through The Immersion.


It’s still hard to find words to put towards that week spent together at Samata. So many memories during what felt like a month. How could we even describe the food, the laughter, the conversations, the bonds, the medicine, the insights, the blue pea tea, and of course

The Mango Tree.


We feel honored and blessed that the seven of you helped us begin our journey together guiding women in unforgettable retreats.


We’ve gathered a small something together for you. We didn’t have many request reminders come through so we added what we could remember you desired.


On your way to the tools we've gathered for you, you will be taken through a little survey (see below) that we kindly ask you to fill out. Once you hit send, you'll  see a link to click for your tools.


and If you need us, we are here. 



Kelsi & Michelle

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