Breathwork for The Heart Recording

Breathwork for The Heart Recording


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The heart is the Empress of the body and the portal to our innate truth. She is our forever internal physician whom often takes on more than she can hold and needs more support and than she tends to request. In this gathering we’ll connect to the organ of the heart to clean, clear, and release old stale, stagnant and toxic energy - maybe even begin to release protective armor that no longer serves her.


an active meditation technique that allows you to connect with your breath and clear your mind and body of stuck energy while helping facilitate a release of strong emotions and liberate mental patterns and limiting beliefs. It allows you to feel where your blocks reside and actively move through them, creating a pathway for an emotional detox.

It connects you to your intuition and leaves you feeling softer, open, and less burdened. 


Begins to clear out stuck energy

Strengthens intuition

Calms and grounds the nervous system

Inspires creativity

Invites balance to the energetic body and immune system

Promotes deep relaxation, bliss, and natural sleep patterns

Helps in relieving anxiety, grief and stress

Invites healing for trauma

Supports addiction recovery

**There are no refunds for this class.

**Please see the additional info area below for how to prepare for this class.

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Setting Up Your Space for Breathwork

In General…

The most important part here is that you feel comfortable and safe. Create a private space for yourself where you will be uninterrupted by pets, roommates, other technology, children, partners, and so on.

This breathwork is practiced laying down flat and you’ll be laying down for about 35-45 minutes. You can be on a couch, bed, floor, etc, simply make sure you are again, comfortable. If you are pregnant you are welcome to breathe on your side if you need to.

Your body temperature can fluctuate a bit so having a blanket over you or nearby is helpful. If you need something underneath your head do your best to keep the back of your throat open, a flat pillow or blanket just under the back of your skull is best. However, a big pillow is wonderful to have by if you’d like something to yell into when we move through that together.

Your Space..

You are more than welcome to create a sacred space in whichever way you’d like to prepare for your session. I will be using cedar, palo santo and essential oils by-proxy. If you have crystals or stones it can feel grounding to hold those in your hands

Zoom & Computer Set-up..

Please arrive into the Zoom chat a few minutes before we actually get started so that you can familiarize yourself with the platform.

For the first portion of our time together you will be sitting up while we open the circle, discuss the topic and ground.

For the breathing portion you will be laying down flat, please practice this set up for when we land there and set yourself up in a way so that when you lay down I can see you from your waist up while you are breathing. Note, you can also turn your camera “off” during this time as well.

Everyone will be muted during our time together but the chat room will be open for any questions that come through at the end assuming we have a few minutes for that.

Taking Care of Yourself After Breathwork

What I often suggest after breathwork is to move slowly, stay close to yourself, and take your time rising back up if you’ve decided to lay still a little longer. If you’re feeling “spacey” or ungrounded take a look around where you are an re-orient yourself and grab a drink some water and a snack. You may still feel a bit tingly, heavy, open, blissful, and so on. Stay as close to your experience as you need to in order to welcome yourself to the other side of it. This could be a good time for you to get pen to paper and have a slow, early to bed kind of day.